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Posted by Lokileby at on March 17, 2003 at 15:06:57:

In Reply to: Poll posted by ImprovGuy on March 17, 2003 at 13:57:55:

: 1. Better dialogue: Quentin Taratino or Kevin Smith?
Definitely Smith.

: 2. Favorite Action flick?
Define Action. I liked this action flick called Desperate Measures with Michael Keaton and Andy Garcia. This is what I call a fully action flick. Negotiator is another one.

: 3. DVD's: Quality or bonus features?
Both. I love my bonus features but what's the point if there is no quality? When I buy I look for the features though.

: 4. Favorite DVD out right now?
- Outside of VA I loved the Se7en Sped DVD

: 5. Favorite cartoon from childhood?
- Hmmmm. Tough one. I loved Darkwing Duck, Animaniacs and X-men.

: 6. Movie that you were looking forward to the most, but ended up being a disappointment?
- Mission Impossible 2

: 7. Movie that you didn't have any expectations for, ended up being really great?
- Don't flame me, but I was truly surprised by Rat Race. I went cuz I had free movie passes and there was nothing else. Wanted to see a movie, best one was Rat Race though it looked like shit. I came out thinking "That was a pretty decent movie."

: 8. Bottle or draft?
- Draft if I can get it.

: 9. Greatest first film from any director?
- Sixth Sense (not really his first but kinda) -- Clerks is great too obviously.

: 10. Arnold Drummond or Webster?
- Webster

: 11. Arnold Horshack or Pat Morita?
- Horshack

: 12. Most underrated actor/actress in Holloywood?
- I'd definitely have to say Jason Lee.

: 13. "Life is a garden, dig it" or "Real friends help friends move bodies"?
- the second one

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