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Posted by innerinsanity666 at on March 17, 2003 at 16:14:29:

Hello again fellow View Askew fans, I trust that you all know who I am. i come to you today with a simple question. A question that has plagued mankind for decades. A question so great that it must be urgently met with response. Before I ask this question though I think I should tell you a little story. You see last summer I met a girl, in my opinion the most perfect human speciman I have ever met. She's beautiful, smart, Fun, and she has a great sense of humor. For months now Ive been trying to get close to this girl, but nothing I do seems to change her position on me. Now I know that this girl likes me, at least a little. I was here before when this probelem arose, and some of you may remember the story about how we got drunk and she tried to hook up with me. I bieng the idiot that I am, didnt let her becouse I didnt want to take advantage of her. It seems that the only time she's ever interested in me is when she's intoxicated, and since were friends that happens alot. I have had so many opportunities, but for the first time in my life im not taking them. I think its because I like her too much to go down that path. Well, I geuss thats the jist of it, so I'll ask my question's now,

Am I an idiot? What Should I do? What would you do?

Well thats about it for now, I look forward to reading your responses.
Oh, and when your through, why not click on this link, it'll help out the penny arcade.

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