Apologizing for the porn, profanity and prejudice

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Posted by Altmann at 12-234-136-119.client.attbi.com on March 17, 2003 at 18:10:04:

I still hate guy stokes, he flames older posters like he knows his shit. Which he may, but he doesn't show respect where it's due.

As for the Jewish, nigger-living hippy bullshit? Well, it was just that.
I truely[SP?] do apologize if that post offended anyone. Some were whining that the board was getting boring and no fights, well, that was changed by me and that post.

Sorry for being a dick, trentreno, I didn't have as much time to post as I usually do and with Guy throwing around great posts like "I'm altmann" which are the conversational equivilent of 300 blind monkeys with their hands tied to eachother's penises.

I will be back tomorrow with the old Altmann you know and love (or know and hate).

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