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Posted by Barry, Suave MF at 24-148-36-118.na.21stcentury.net on March 17, 2003 at 20:57:52:

In Reply to: Re: Sweep the leg, Johnny posted by Ray Davies on March 17, 2003 at 20:47:58:

: "The economic cost of obtaining & controlling all the oil over there forever far outweighs the cost of this war."

: : that's what you said, and it still doesn't make any sense.

How does that not make sense? Take a few basic economic courses in college & see what I mean. The cost of any war would far outweigh the economic benefit of controlling the oil over there.

: while americans starve and get no health care, we bomb other countries behind the leadership of a man who was NOT elected.

Yeah, well if people like Saddam develop & use weapons of mass destruction on us, THERE WILL BE NO PEOPLE LEFT TO STARVE OR WORRY ABOUT HAVING NO HEALTH CARE.

: Coup d'etat, my friend.

Um....reison d'ente(sp?)?

: this madman will not stop at the countries i have mentioned. this isn't a matter of taking out a 'new hitler', this is a matter of a 'new hitler' sitting in the white house. and everyone who wants war is being a 'good german'.

I just don't understand people like you. An act of war was committed on American soil on 9/11/2001, our leader goes after the people responsible & their ilk, and HE'S a bad guy?? Where do you people get your logic?? Bizarro World?

: don't forget, the u.s.a. put hussein there in the first place.

Uh...no we didn't. He murdered his way to the top, and he's been doing so ever since. We merely helped them out in the Iran-Iraq war because Iran was our enemy at the time. I'll give you that we maybe ignored his atrocities then, but we had a different agend back then - to 'bitch slap' Iran. Which we did for almost 2 decades until now their nuclear plants being activated. They'll get theirs soon.

: i will sit back and watch the history unfold and prove me right.

Right on what? Oh, I see....in 10 yrs. we'll see a pic of Bush sitting on a mountain of money w/millions of barrels of oil behind him smiling gleefully. Grow up.

If you're so up for keeping Saddam there 'cause he's such a swell guy, why don't you go live there? Or at least take a holiday there?

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