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Posted by snopes at on March 17, 2003 at 22:31:28:

In Reply to: Kevin - ? regarding your thoughts on war movies posted by SweetThang on March 17, 2003 at 15:42:22:

: Being that my hubby is a history buff, he has taught me a great deal about our history, specifically about wars. I'm forced (ok, not forced, but he always has control of the remote) to watch the History or Discovery channel most evenings.

: That said, what is your favorite film portrayal of WWII? My guess is you will say Pearl Harbor.

: However, my husband kind of spoiled it for me by pointing out some historical inaccuracies.

: His favorite is Tora, Tora, Tora.

: We do own both DVDs, though (ahh... marital bliss - it's all about compromise).

here are some fine world war two films,and some world war ones as well,even a korea maybe
ww two:walk in the sun(director lewis milestone.great film that came out during the war and actually had a character having a breakdown,something never seen in a ww two era film...the docu john huston did on vets coming back from that war and having mental hassles was supressed by govt.for years...let there be light...)
battleground(william a.wellman)great film about battle of the bulge
paths of glory(kubrick.ww's one for the anti French govt types)
big red one(samuel fuller.his child.never yet seen uncut.rumors abound that there is a recoverable missing hour or so.have not seen it yet.)

i weigh in heavy with walk in the john wayne guys single handedly taking it to the mass enemy(who can never shoot accurate).just a group of soldiers doing a job in the hot italian sun.dana andrews,richard conte,huntz hall,sterling holloway,richard benedict,lloyd bridges,john ireland,and norman lloyd as archimbeau who says the next war is gonna be fought in jokers are gonna be fighting it but i won't

from a great novel by harry joe brown

great escape is a fun ww two escape epic
the bridge, a german film,i remember very well.from the german pov
young german kids trying to be grown ups and fight for the fatherland

another fine war film,or battle film,of a different riff is Zulu.
the brits beseiged at rorke's drift by impi warriors.a book end to zulu dawn which came later and is an account of the major battle across the river at islawanda,in which the brits did not fare as well as at rorke's drift because...oh well.y'all got see em

wide screen preferably

let's hear it for good movies

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