Star Wars: ANH

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Posted by Dantes_inferno at on March 18, 2003 at 00:04:38:

Has anyone ever actually looked at the A New Hope poster? Leia is grabbing onto Luke's leg like shes his harem. Where is this going you ask? Well Ive heard some people say that it just proves Lucas was bullshitting the fact that he has all 9 episodes layed out and planned. The theory being that he was going to develop a relationship between the two and hadnt written in the part of them being siblings. My theory? Either someone did it and he figured "What the hell, no one will ever think about it." or he figured if he made a big deal about it, people would wonder why he didnt want Leia hanging all over Luke and would therefore spoil the big shock that they were brother and sister. Or it could be absolutely nothing and I should get more sleep. Any thoughts?

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