a positive outlook

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Posted by nude pinky playing card at 24-205-35-175.gln-eres.charterpipeline.net on March 18, 2003 at 00:48:40:

yes we are going to war. yes an act of terrorism on the united states is almost guranteed to happen. yes american troops will be lost. yes iraqi civilians will be lost. yes, gas prices are getting even higher and yes we are spending billions on this war, that come from our taxes. yes america is in the shits right now. so ive composed a little "positive outlook" guide. feel free to print it out and carry it around with you.

1. Jersey girl and the matrix out in November

2. The end of hearing about saddam hussein!

3. interesting story to tell your grand kids

4. you still got your health (i hope)

5. lollapalooza is back

6. DMX is retiring

7. Clerks SE 10th anniversay dvd is on the way!

8. internet porn is still around

9. the olsen twins are almost legal

10.most likely, at least 1 person loves you :)

11.baboons are not extinct

12.Free will!

13.the simpsons is still going strong

14."change the angle" dvd porn

15.really nice cars

16. no matter how bad you are, there is always someone worse off

17.game boy

18. you have friends

19. you have family

20. masturbation

21. concerts!

22. movies!


24. womens right to choose

25. NOT getting your hand cut off for stealing an apple

26. AIM

27. this web board, where we can ask kevin smith and vincent questions

28. you can pack up your shit and travel anytime you want!

29. internet shopping!

30. new season of south park starts wednesday

31. freedom of speech and religion

32. toilets that flush themselves

33. vanilla coke

34. daniel dey lewis is back

35. fast food

and of course

36. hash browns

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