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Posted by RDT156 at on March 18, 2003 at 10:24:47:

Hey Kevin,

Big fan here, literally. I mean I'm tipping the scales at 265. So I don't know how to be a little fan of anything. Hope the family's doing well. Sorry to hear about the house, if you need a place to crash please let me know. I'm sure my roommate won't mind.

Anyway, a few quick questions:

1.) After the debacle that was Clerks: TAS (the way it was treated, not the show itself), are you done with TV? Other than watching it? Any chance of another View Askew produced TV show?

2.) Ever thought of opening a west coast Stash? And speaking of comics, how often do you get to Cat's? Are you a new comic wednesday kind of guy, like my roommate, or will you go in later in the week to avoid the rush? Also, what's currently on your pull list? I just got back into comics, and I'm looking to invest in a couple series. Currently, all I'm reading is "The Flash."

3.) Lastly, and this one I've been meaning to ask for a while, which Sweathog is your favorite? Most people go with Barbarino for obvious reasons, but I gotta tell ya, I'm an Epstein man myself.

Thaks for all the flicks and shit. Can't wait to see "Jersey Girl" and whatever's next down the pipeline. Wow, that last part sounds kind of gay. Eh, I'll go with it anyway.


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