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Posted by Hamster69 at on March 18, 2003 at 10:51:57:

In Reply to: Wow, that molting guy posts odd stuff. posted by Bob301 on March 18, 2003 at 06:22:53:

The calendar posts are simple i Ching readings. Essentially there are certain questions one may have that you can address to the i Ching and get certain vague answers. In the past, molting was a bit more obvious with the posts, actually stating what the questions were and sitting back while everyone just kind of went "Huh". I did a pretty lengthy breakdown of a molting calendar post and it sounded of revolution and broad-sweeping change that somehow was supposed to involve Kevin in some way. I addressed a few issues, mainly in that many of the i Ching answers were pointing towards actions being taken and the major undercurrent of molting's post being that a massive revolutionary act was what was being discussed. However, upon posting all of my suspiscions and theories on the board, molting apologized and stated that that was not the case, that he (or she) was in America for a short time with their friends, and would be going back to Europe, and that they were amazed that you could so easily sit down and figure out, if you had a copy of the i Ching, what it was they were going on about. This was around last summer.

The last few molting posts I've read seem to be old habits coming back up, but this time the questions, if they are posted at all, are even more vague. In other words, now you just have the i Ching answers and, without the questions to offer a context, that means all you've got is gibberish because if the answer is "strong action is favored if you are in the right" and the unknown question is "should I have a peanut butter sandwich", you could easily run off in other directions without the context question.

I still don't know what any of this has to do with Kevin, or why molting has to post this nonsense here, but then again, why do most of us post our nonsense here?

: I was just catching up on what was posted today, and started reading molting's calender post. Does anyone really know what molting's posts mean? I don't know what kind of calender he does, and have tried googling his text, but really, I don't know what I'm looking for. I like the theory that he's some spy, posting secret info on the board Mission Impossible style. I then read another one of his posts, to Kid in the Helmet, apologizing for something, and it seems he's got another code in there, mixing his capitals and lower-case words like that. From the text of that post, I would guess he's Brittish. Maybe some of the stuff he posts is some sort of hip Brit slang? Just wondering.

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