Re: kevin if you remember!!!!!!!!??????????

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Posted by Kevin at on March 15, 2003 at 23:39:07:

In Reply to: kevin if you remember!!!!!!!!?????????? posted by whatandwhy76 on March 15, 2003 at 23:16:46:

: are the greatest, thank you so much for answering my post if you remember
I'm Eddie the student from Columbia who asked you the questions about starting

No prob.

: I can't even thank you enough for taking time out of from what I'm reading from
other posts must be a hectic time for you with your house fucked up and all, you are
one of a kind for your talent and your ability to stay intact in some way with your
fans, you truly amazed me with your film making and your "social" interaction
(meaning taking the time out to answer your fans).

And you truly amazed me with what must be the longest run-on sentence outside of
a Fiona Apple record title.

: As you are probably busy very busy I've always wanted to ask you these questions
if you can please as so kind to answer them.

So, wait - you heard about the shit I'm going through, and even though I answered
your first round of questions, you're looking for more? Fuck, man...

: When you finished " Clerks" what did you do with the finished product (after it was
canned...)? Did you submit it to festivals right away or held on to it for a while and
showed friends?

We submitted it to the IFFM, held every fall in NYC by the IFP. From there, we
submitted to Sundance.

: Chasing Amy was great, no doubt, I read along somewhere that you dated Joey
Lauren Adamís is that true?

I did. From late '95 to late '97.

: Did it last during shooting the movie?

Before, during, and after. We split up after the movie came out.

: How did Miramax approach you when they saw "Clerks"?

We gave them a print for a special screening for Harvey after the IFFM, and they
passed. It wasn't until after we screened at Sundance a few months later, and the
buzz was huge, that they came back to us.

: and who did they approach you or Scott Mosier?

Our producer's rep, John Pierson.

: Lastly, how often are you in the Stash?

As I'm on the west coast now, I'm rarely, if ever, there now.

(I'm asking because I'm about 50 min. away from you, or maybe closer, I live in the
city, I would like to visit the store and check it out it would be a huge plus also if you
or anybody associated with your films would be there)

Walt's usually always there on the weekdays. Drop in and say hi.

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