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Posted by tiago_stix at on March 15, 2003 at 14:59:23:

Last night I watched the Daredevil movie and honestly, I think it suck royal dick! And what took me by surprise was how, you (kevin) were actually there at the studios during the making of this... thing, yet did nothing about it to turn it into to something dignifying. The movie is absolutely ludicrious, itīs beyond ridicule. How do you expect me to believe that a pro-bono lawyer who grew up in hellīs kitchen, which might I say did not come from a rich family at all, could have such a highly equipted home ( that should have called the "darecave" or something of the matter, that would fit perfectly with the rest of the crap), and all this tecnology and so much of it. And those leaps, man, what the fuck was that!!!! By god man, did you not witness this insanity in action? Since when did daredevil, elektra and bullseye get these super-powers cause I must have slept during that part. Didnīt this all look just a tad far fetch? Yeah, this movie is based on a COMIC BOOK character, but must it insult our intelligence to such a degree? I wasnīt even more appealing to the main public, since these movies are not made for comic book fans but precisely for those who never even picked up a comic book.
I sat in sadness as I heard the intire movietheater audience laughed at the absurd, badly rehearsed, stupifying fight scene between Matt and Elektra at the park. And come on, whatīs with that "throw-the-cane-in-the-air-slowly-take-coat-off-to(what felt like minutes later!!)catch-the-cane-in-the-gayest-pose"? That fight was insulting. Did the screenplay writer ever READ a deredevil comic book, i doesnīt look like it. The arrogance that Matt expels is amazing, he makes no effort whatīs so ever to act like a normal blind person, heīs always showing off his senses, yet nobody finds it strange how he manages to do these things. Foggy is treated in the script like a total and complete idiot. Like the last name Natchios is such a common last name that he makes no relation with her father, but when Matt says her fatherīs name he imediately answers retoricaly, "the bilionaire?!?!". I could sit here all day naming absurdities and insulting aspects of this movie, but Iīm sure youīve heard all of them before. YET, I do have some good things to say about it (donīt get too worked up, the list is short). The part where heīs in the hospital and starts to discover his "powers" was amazing. I really liked how he heard the drops as if they were explosions and heard the textures of the floor through the squeeling wheels and footsteps. His radar sense is really well shown. That subway scene reminds of a scene that cut from the original "Fall of Murdock", I also liked that, up until the part where Ben Ulrich, for no good reason, throws his (seconds ago)lit cigarette on the floor to discover with hardly any surpirse in anyoneīs face the firey DD.
I can say that one good thing I brought home with me after seeing this movie is that I admire you. But in the that you are good friend to have, Ben is lucky for that, you stood by this piece of shit ( the movie) even it being what it is. But in the comic book sense, I am deeply disappointed. And what makes me sad is the fact that there will never be a decent daredevil movie īcause the first oneīs screwed up, therefore nobody will ever want to invest to make a decent flick cause people wonīt want to watch another daredevil movie which contradicts his predecessor, this works in comic books, but not in cinema.
Thanks for reading this (that is if you havenīt erased it by the second line, hehe), and please do not get me wrong, my intention is not to offend you or anyone else but only to express myself as a movielover and a comicbooklover. Daredevil is still one of my favorite characters and I believe that paths to his movie were many, itīs just they chose one of the worst. If it makes a difference, I think that the perfect storyline for this movie is "The man without fear" by Frank Miller. If you look at the book youīll notice that it wouldnīt need a high-budget.
To Smith and whoever is reading this I bid you farewell.
Tiago Palma
Brasilia, Brazil

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