Oh, he's so sweaty!

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Posted by Will Turner, Karaoke King at on March 16, 2003 at 12:24:46:

In Reply to: Re: Random answers posted by Donald Cox the sweaty fox on March 16, 2003 at 12:18:45:

I reccomend the pineapple juice. In point of fact, in Chichester's La Havana their namesake cocktail contains some of said saintly juice. And we're talking what, an extra quid a week for vitamins? Go for it, Donald!
: : 1. Name one stupid, but funny thing you said today
: "If you were running an advertising campaign for a library, I guess you could have as your slogan "Turn up for the books""
: : 2. Celebrity you associate yourself with
: Associate myself with? Hhmm....I don't know. The majority of celebrities are fairly extrovert, talented (before reality tv anyway) and have something about them which people are drawn to. I can't relate to any of this.
: : 3. Aim for the year- Be with the girl I love but am currently not with, figure out what job I want to do and make progress on that, and hopefully be happy. Oh, and drink pineapple juice from time to time.
: : 4. How can a mask change a voice so much that close relatives and girlfriends can never recognise someone?
: Each mask has been exposed to bacteria which cause a chest and throat infection in the wearer, making their voice suitably gruff and evil.
: : 5. What film feature would improve real life?
: A credit at the start to tell us who the hell's directing this thing
: : 6. The Ring- is it worth my time?
: It's alright
: : 7. Complete the sentence- I am...not Russian President Vladimir Putin.
: : Thank you!
: You're welcome

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