...looked into the mirror and asked: Am I a fool?

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Posted by Lord Bullingdon at 1cust76.tnt38.dca5.da.uu.net on March 16, 2003 at 12:41:16:

In Reply to: Star Wars Obsessives: Have you ever... posted by Will Turner, Karaoke King on March 16, 2003 at 09:34:18:

: 1. Dressed as a character?

Never...although if I were to grow my hair out, weave one of those rat-tail Jedi braids and wear a fake, broader nose, I'd look a lot like Hayden Christensen. Then again, my lively, expressive way of talking would give me away.

: 2. Used a non-merchandise item as a lightsaber? Yes, a coathanger and a bit of paper.

What kid in the early '80s didn't?

: 3. Ever sang one of the themes to piss someone off?

It feels like the answer should be yes, but I honestly can't recall. I have an ex-STAR WARS fan co-worker who's so disgusted by the new films that he either glares or mimes a smashmouth every time I quote them at him.

"For your information, master, it was yooooooouuuuu who fell into that nightmare and Iiiiiiiiiii rescued you. Remember?"

: 4. Become embarassed by a rubbish Chewbacca impression?

I'm sure that I've been exposed to rubbish Chewie impressions, but life is too short to remember them, let alone waste self-esteem by being embarassed by them.

: 5. Can you do a decent Alec Guiness impression?

Oh, sure.

: 6. Found the droids you are looking for?

I don't...look...for droids.

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