The Dork Knight. Me putting my head through a wall. The helmet was specially made from a speed-cycling helmet, and sculpted by a Minnesotan sculptor. I asked him to make it resemble a certain cowl...

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The re-shot opening. Jeremy and Claire break-up. There was a whole separate break-up scene that we shot in Minnesota, but it tested poorly. We decided to drop it and re-shoot one in L.A. If there's ever a special edition 'Mallrats' disc, you'll get the whole story.

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Fatty Boombatty Blunt! Perhaps Jason's funniest moment in 'Rats'. Do you know how hard it was not to laugh?

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The two couples. The ending of 'Rats' actually went on a bit longer - with Brandi's dad Mister Svenning getting arrested by the cops. This is from that extended scene. Notice only Brodie is smiling.

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The Magic of the Movies. So the camera's on Claire, and Jeremy, Jason, and Brian O'Halloran (Dante, of course) delivered their lines casually. Only Claire had to act.

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Bore-gasm. Rene as Trish the dish, with her best-seller.

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Me and the boys. This is us getting ready for the Cousin Walter airplane story. Now it was Claire's turn to casually deliver her lines - using her sweet, natural British accent.

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Shall we Dance? So was Shannen a bitch? No. Shannen was cool. But we had a falling out after the movie... I think. I heard through the grapevine that she didn't like the things that were said about her boyfriend ('Amongst Friends' director Rob Weiss) in John Pierson's book 'Spike, Mike, Slackers, and Dykes' (in which I appear quite a bit). But for one, brief, shining moment (as depicted here) it was Camelot.(187K JPG)