"Mallrats" made it's network debut on ABC on Saturday August 29th, 1998 at 9:00pm as part of their regular 'Saturday Night Movie' series. In order to achieve the TV-PG rating that they deemed proper for this movie in that time slot, much was either edited or dubbed over. In addition to the many edits and dubs, several cut scenes were restored to fill in some time and make up for what was cut. The following clips and sounds feature either scenes and dialogue which were either cut or redubbed into a version which must be seen to be believed.

Please note: The cuts and dubs were neither endorsed nor approved by View Askew Productions. Also note that many of the overdubs were not done by the original actors (Jay's first and foremost amongst others...)

"I come from a planet very far away..."
T.S. makes a bespectacled Brandi re-enact a Clark Kent scene in which she reveals that she is from 'A planet very far way... a planet called... Krypton!"
(Scene restored after T.S. pulls into Brandi's driveway)
(986K MOV)

"...maybe your relationship wasn't on firm ground to begin with"
T.S. has second thoughts about hanging out at the mall while in the parking lot.
(Scene restored before Brodie's "I LOVE the smell of commerce in the morning!")
(1.9M MOV)

"Would you look at that shine..."
Brodie takes extra special note about the shine on Svenning's junior college ring.
(Cut Stinkpalm scene at the stage replaces with this)
(1.5M MOV)

"Take them away!"
Svenning does little jig and gorges on Brodie's special melty(moldy?) chocolate pretzels as T.S. and Brodie are being taken away by LaFours.
(Arrest scene at the stage extended)
(1.6M MOV)

"Would you like to partake in a psychological study?"
Tricia attempts to distract LaFours from Jay and Bob's hijinks by asking him to participate in her study. Note Silent Bob's rope on the right.
(489K MOV)

"Thank you..."
Different footage used in place of Ben's 'New Kids' request.
(765K MOV)

"...you are under arrest"
Svenning gets arrested for putting on a lewd show and violating 19 FCC regulations.
(Extension of Brodie's talk show proposal scene)
(1.4M MOV)

"When I'm relaxed... I get sick."
Brodie's farting in front of Rene story is redubbed into a story about vomiting in front of her.
(1.2M MOV)

"...do you think her faithful fans could handle the shock?"
The Superman speech is redubbed to elimate Superman's 'load like a shotgun'.
(653K MOV)

"All it took was a phat karate punch!"
Enough said...
(537K MOV)
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Sounds from the ABC version of Mallrats can be found here. An index for these sounds will be generated shortly.