Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

The Kevin Smith/Degrassi Press Conference

Kevin Smith goes Canadian? If you're from the Great White North and could have sworn that you saw Kevin Smith running around, chances are that you did. Kevin did in fact pay Canada a visit as he made a 3-episode guest appearance on DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION.

What exactly will Kevin be doing on these episodes? For the View Askew fans, Kevin will be playing himself directing an appropriately titled film called, "Jay & Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?" co-starring one Jason Mewes. For the Degrassi fans, Kevin will be getting between Caitlin and Joey's relationship (Kevin not only gets to meet Caitlin but he also gets to make out with her.)

So when can you catch these episodes? Kevin will be appearing in:

  • Episode 420
  • Episode 421
  • Episode 422

These episodes should air sometime in January 2005.

Movie Poop Shoot interviews Kevin: Kevin Smith: Live From Degrassi High


The Press Conference: (Duration, appx 30 minutes)

Kevin Smith/Degrassi Press Conference - 70MB QuickTime (240 x 180)

Kevin Smith/Degrassi Press Conference - 35MB QuickTime (160 x 120)

Kevin on Canada A.M.: (Duration, appx 5 minutes)

Kevin on Canada A.M.: - 37.1MB MPEG (320 x 240)


Kevin and Caitlin The fake filming notice Jay, Silent Bob, and Spinner. Note the addition to the "Snoogans" toque.

Jake Epstein (Craig), Stacey Farber (Ellie) as a Goth Chick in the fake movie, Mewes and Shane Kippel (Spinner) between takes

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