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Name: Daniella
Age: 34
Location: Birmingham, AL
Occupation: Neuro Intensive Care Nurse
Bio: Ridiculously Silly describes me well. I'm a Rock Star trapped in the girl next door. I mean... I'm friggin' Apple Pie for crying out loud!! A bit of a free spirit, down to earth, a dreamer, a romantic, open minded, stubborn, clumsy, silly, big hearted and very loyal.


Hobbies: Traveling, I think I would die if I could not travel.
Music: John Mayer Trio, Jimi Hendrix, Tenacious D, David Ryan Harris, Harry Connick Jr, Will Hoge.
TV Show: Ab Fab (Absolutely Fabulous), Survivor, Nip/Tuck, Queer as Folk.
VA Flick: Dogma