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Lokileby's photo.Name: Tim
Location: Southern Ontario
Age: 23
Occupation: Student, looking...
Bio: I was a hooker with a heart of gold until Richard Gere came and turned
my world upside down.  Now I'm recently graduated from university with a
degree in political science, looking for work and maybe some other stuff too
(y'know, love or something).


VA Flick: Dogma
TV Show: Scrubs
Films: Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, Memento, Se7en, Eternal Sunshine of
the Spotless Mind, Garden State, American Psycho, LOTR...
Music: Ben Harper, The Eels, Jack Johnson, Tom Freund, Radiohead, I
Mother Earth...
Books: Sphere, DaVinci Code, Cardinal of the Kremlin, American
Psycho, Fight Club...
Quote: "No matter where you go in life, always keep an eye out for
Johnny, the tackling Alzheimer's patient." - Dr. Cox (Scrubs)
Actors: Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Morgan Freeman, Natalie
Portman, Edward Norton, Kevin Spacey, Kirsten Dunst, Samuel L. Jackson,
Christian Bale...
Websites: , , ,
Hobbies: Movies, music, video games, writing... thats about it.