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Name: Jenn
Location: Georgia
Age: 12.23.71
Occupation: MOM
Bio: I am a single mom of a child they say has autisim. The doctors say I am in denial and that I need psycharicatic help (FUCKERS). I have spent the last six years reasearching autisim and yes, my daughter does have a few symptoms BUT damn it you read that stuff and i think we all ahve a few characteristic's of autisim. So, I home school my child and it is hard. I want to be her mom not her teacher. But no, the deck I've been delt, I get to be mom and dad and teacher. When do I get to be the good guy? It bites donkey dick. So Molly (named changed for online purposes) and I are owned by three horses and a shep/wolf mix. I rarely sleep at night so I take my frustrations out on my writing or on PSP (the picture editing program not the portable game). I have not given up. i submit (solicited ONLY) and get rejected (damn thats worse then dating!) So that is basically it. I've been published in the HS paper (errr in the 80/s) and was very colorful about beating up tipper gore and her whole censorship uraracy. i also wrote for our local newspaper when my psycotic mother failed to show up for work and I did her job so we would have income. fucking alcholic's. i have a ton of pet peeves but blah blah blah balh


VA Flick: don't know what a VA flick is
TV Show: Only watch TV when I am forced to... CNN headline news?
Films: Well naturally gonna say a smith film here, just saw Jersey Girl on March 31 and loved it, Liv Tyler looks great now that she has lost the skin and bones look and Ben Affleck did a stellar apparance, I don't understand why the movie wasnt more of a hit.
Music: My six year old has pounded the Shrek 2 soundtrack into my head, so that and anything Ani Difranco
Books: Silent Bob speaks out... oh wait it is not published yet. I'll read anything once. But I like the surreal. I also like the stuff I write. :D who'd have thunk that.
Quote: "The problem with doing nothing is you don't know when to stop." - Albert Einstein
Actors: Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, the crew on Farscape, Alyssa Milano, Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler.
Hobbies: Horses. I've got three. Playing on the Web, seeing I am not working (nor a welfare mom!) I don't have much else to pass the time. Chess. (if I win) Avoiding human contact (other then with my child that don't count!) Avoiding anything and anyone that might want love or a relationship (never intend to have friends or lovers again, people are rabid, don't let anyone kid you.)