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MelVeeta's Photo!Name: Mel
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Age: 32
Occupation: I work for a well known non-profit organization.
Bio: I'm a mom to a 4 year old with a very wicked sense of humor beyond his years, a wife of over 5 years to a 4th grade teacher, play it serious by day, total smart ass at home, very indecisive (that's the ADHD taking over), sweet as pie, but can go from zero to biotch in mere seconds!  Very much into animal rights and animal rescue with 3 strays who have called my house a home.


VA Flick: Clerks and Mallrats
TV Show: Roseanne reruns on Nick at Nite, CSI or anything true crime related
Films: Comedy and those "based on a true story" deals like Erin Brockovich.
Music: jam bands...Grateful Dead, Phish (until Trey sold out!), WSP, Smoked Turkey from Columbus, Ohio
Books: John Grisham novels
Actors: I really don't have one based on talents, but for visual appeal it would be Matthew McConaughey
Websites: ,
: "One man gathers what another man spills."  the Grateful Dead Favorite
Hobbies: music, family, movies, creative artsy-craftsy stuff, redecorating and DIY repairs in my home, pointing out the short comings of others.