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Name: Simon
Location: Swindon, England, UK
Birthdate: 7.13.79
Bio: At an early age Simon realised he had no desirable god given talents such as being able to play the guitar, sing, paint, write, play sports well or anything of note that could make him famous or at least get him hot chicks. Now resigned to being poor and alone forever he now posts on the VA board form a dark room hidden underneath his parents house in Swindon waiting for the world to end.


VA Flick: Clerks
Interests: Films, Music, Reading, Comedy & The Lovely VA Board
Heroes: Parents, Nan, Kevin Smith, The Clash, The Cure, John Lennon, Bill Hicks & last but not least those who put their lives on the line for me in foreign countries I can't pronounce let alone find on a map.