Jay and Silent Bob. Can't tell you much more than that.

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Kev directing Shannen. I don't remember why I was pointing at my chest. Probably saying something like "See, this is where you're going to stick the knife in a couple of months."

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Kev directing Jeremy and Joey. Nine takes to get this scene right. Why? Two reasons: one - the banter wasn't flying smoothly. And two - it was Joey's last scene, and I wasn't looking forward to seeing her go. Months later, when I was cutting 'Rats' and she was shooting the Pauly Shore flick 'Bio-Dome', we fell in love. Sorry. Got a little mushy there.
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Arresting the butt-pirate. The incomparable Ben Affleck as the nefarious Shannen Hamilton, with Jason Lee as Brodie. I was so blown away by the talent on these guys that I wrote them the leads in 'Chasing Amy' (also starring Joey).

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The Jedi Mind Trick. Me and Rene. First time I saw her was in a movie called 'Fun' which was at Sundance the same year we were there. When I left the theatre, I told Scott "Man, I've gotta work with her one day." That day came exactly one year and three months later.

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Willam's Roar. Ethan Suplee - the man, the legend. Ethan played Willam Black in 'Rats' - a role that Scott originated in 'Clerks' (Willam was the Snowballer). How do we explain the Willam of Two Worlds phenomenom? Well, we would have if anyone had ever asked.

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