The Shot I'll probably get the most shit for

'Nuff said.

To this day, Affleck still turns to me at every screening and gloats about this. "Dude, what's up - I am kissing all over your lady!" is his usual mantra, all smiles. He's such a bitch.

We used three or four rain tours (huge, upright pipes through which water is pumped at a pressure that allows it to descend, rain-like) to achieve this. Did the shot three times. Joey and Ben were soaked. It was the last official day of the shoot, but even then, I was still getting the "Don't you feel weird?" questions (I didn't).

Note the 'Rats bumper sticker on the back of the truck. We used Scott's truck for the shot (although the bumper sticker is never seen). (49K JPG)

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