Hooper X, Bluntman, and Chronic - Hooper, Holden, and Banky at the Convention

The Boys blended well together, and right off the bat to boot. Although Jason and Ben shared some screen time in 'Rats', the nature of their chracters' relationship there and in 'Amy' were so vastly different that - in rehearsals - it was almost as if they were working together for the first time. And though Dwight hadn't worked with either of them, it was clear that his first reading with Jason and Ben that it wasn't going to take much to make them all seem like old friends. Dwight was in Hal Hartley's 'Flirt' and 'Amateur', but I think (in all modesty) his performance in 'Amy' is his finest hour, thus far. (Note - Banky's wearing the 'Fly, Fat Ass Fly!' shirt, available here). (51K JPG)

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