Old school DVD and Laserdisc Features:

Side 1
Chapter 1: Program Start
Chapter 2: Dante/Opening Credits
Chapter 3: Vilification
Chapter 4: Jay and Silent Bob
Chapter 5: Randal
Chapter 6: Syntax
Chapter 7: Vagary
Chapter 8: Purgation
Chapter 9: Malaise
Chapter 10: Harbinger
Chapter 11: Perspicacity

Side 2
Chapter 12: Paradigm
Chapter 13: Whimsy
Chapter 14: Quandary
Chapter 15: Lamentation
Chapter 16: Juxtaposition
Chapter 17: Catharsis
Chapter 18: Denouement

Supplemental Material
Chapter 19: Table Of Contents

Original Scene Cuts:
Chapter 20: Gum Rep's Speech
Chapter 21: Dante & Veronica
Chapter 22: Deleted Video Store Scene
Chapter 23: Return To Store After The Wake
Chapter 24: Dante, Jay & Silent Bob
Plus Randal & Veronica
Chapter 25: Fight Scene
Chapter 26: Ending & Credits + P.S.

Chapter 27: Theatrical Trailer
Chapter 28: Music Video

Feature Running Time: 92 Minutes
Supplemental Material: Approx. 25 Minutes

Scene Cuts Summary

Kevin Smith's Commentary on the cut scenes (467K, WAV)

Chapter 20: Gum Rep's Speech

The Chewlie's Gum Rep's speech is extended about 5 minutes more than the theatrical version. Dante becomes slightly more defensive about being yelled at and the Gum Rep goes further into the Nazism accusation.
Chapter 20: Exerpt from Clerks/Chasing Amy : Two Screenplays

Chapter 21: Dante & Veronica

Dante and Veronica talk behind the counter after the cigarette fiasco but before the nail-painting scene. Veronica asks Dante why he was up so late the night before and then accuses him of talking to Caitlin, which he denies. Chapter 21: Exerpt from Clerks/Chasing Amy : Two Screenplays

Chapter 22: Deleted Video Store Scene

In this scene, Randal is recommending 'Smokey and the Bandit III' to a customer. Dante stops in and asks Randal to cover for him while he calls the boss.
Chapter 22: Transcript

Chapter 23: Return to Store After the Wake

Silent Bob harrases Willam as he yells about being repressed. Shown after Dante yells at Jay for selling drugs in front of the store.

Chapter 24: Dante, Jay, & Silent Bob plus Randal and Veronica

After Dante refuses Jay's offer to go to a party, Jay accuses him of being more of a crook than he is. In the video store next door, Veronica vents more after Randal tells her Dante doesn't love her anymore. There is also a second 'Navy Seals' Joke involving Walter Flanagan in a 5th role.
Chapter 24: Transcript, Dante, Jay and Silent Bob
Chapter 24: Transcript, Veronica and Randal

Chapter 25: Fight Scene

Extended fight scene footage which Kevin cut out because 'he was asleep for it'.

Chapter 26: Ending & Credits + P.S.

The famous alternate ending in which Dante gets shot in a robbery after Randal goes home. After the credits roll, there is a short P.S. showing Kevin walking into the store with a waistlong ponytail and ripping off a pack of smokes.

Chapter 27: Theatrical Trailer

A minute and a half trailer for the movie made by Miramax. Kevin says that this is one of his favorite of all time.

Chapter 28: Music Video

The video for Soul Asylum's 'Can't Even Tell'. This was directed by Kevin Smith and the whole video features Randal and Dante playing hockey against Soul Asylum's band members. The video is "sung" by Jay and Silent Bob.

QuickTime Movies

Veronica attempts to comfort Dante after the Chewlie's fiasco. This scene appeared right after Veronica shoots the rowdy crowd with the fire extinguisher and before the scene shown in the release version.
(1.5 Megs, 22 Seconds)
Veronica asks Dante what he was doing up so late last night and when he becomes defensive, she accuses him of being on the phone with Caitlin. He denies this and then tries to change the subject.
(2.1 Megs, 30 Seconds)
Randal recommends 'Smokey and the Bandit III' to a customer, but the customer is doubtful because Burt Renolds isn't in it. Dante comes in and asks Randal if he can work behind the counter while he makes a phone call. Originally shown right before the scene where Dante is trying to reach his boss on the phone.
(1.3 Megs, 20 Seconds)
This scene appeared right after Dante yells at Jay for selling in front or the store. Scott Mosier as Willam Black scores in his finest acting moment as he yells about being repressed.
(679K, 8.28 Seconds)
This is the extended scene between Veronica and Randall where Randal is telling her that Dante doesn't love her anymore. She vents a bit after saying that 'she's not mad', and then leaves. Randal is then seen talking to himself trying to absolve any guilt of what is about to happen. While this is going on, a customer looks through movies.
(2.9 Megs, 43 Seconds)
This scene was cut out of the speech between Dante and Jay and Silent Bob after Jay asks Dante if he wanted to go with him to a party. After Dante refuses because he's a drug dealer, Jay goes into a speech about how Dante is more of a criminal than he is.
(3.0 Megs, 44 Seconds)
This is the much talked about alternate ending to the film in which Dante gets shot by a robber after Randal leaves the store. Kevin wisely cut this scene out as it is very out of character for the film and really has no purpose. Kevin says that this scene was written because 'in independent movies, someone always gets killed in the end. I didn't think anyone would 'get' the movie because it didn't have any violence.'
(3.0 Megs, 1:28 minutes)

The Cut Clerks Ending (RealVideo)

This short clip was shown after the credits rolled in the original release. Kevin says that the person shown here is neither Silent Bob, nor himself.
(900K, 22 Seconds)
This is one of the two trailers for the movie. It was made by the same guy at Miramax who did the Pulp Fiction trailers. Kevin says in his audio commentary that this one is one of his favorite trailers of all time.
(7.0 Megs, 1:37 minutes)
Dave Pirner and Soul Asylum join the Clerks crew. Besides the song Can't Even Tell, we are also treated to another rooftop hockey game, with Soul Asylum as the opponent. Jay and Silent Bob sing on this one. Kevin Smith directs.
(17.9 Megs, 4:40 Minutes)