The View Askew Reality Tour was originally an idea which was to take place on a regular basis on a smaller scale - Kevin had orginally wanted to do a tour which would take small groups of people led by Jason Mewes to the shooting locations seen in the films. Due to logistics and timing, this idea never materialized, however Kevin decided that this idea would work as a one time only event in conjunction with the Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash Grand Opening.

Much work and planning were quickly put into place to take patrons on an tour which would cover 5 locations and would allow patrons to get off and take photos, ask questions and get an up close and personal look at the actual shooting locations. A luxury bus and professional driver were chartered, permission to tour the areas were obtained (or not), and an obvious choice for a tour guide - Mr Brian 'Dante' O'Halloran - was chosen to conduct the tour.

March 6th, 1999 arrived. 6 groups totalling over 300 hundred people experienced the tour which lasted a combined total of 12 hours. And through it all Brian's voice hardly waivered as he cracked jokes with tourgoers, launched some stinging comebacks at those who tried to bust his balls, and answered tired and original questions about the movies.

The following pages chronicle each stop of the tour as well as any interesting events that occurred along the way.

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